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JULY 12, 2022
RASA 2022/23 AGM


1. The name of the Group (hereinafter called the "Association") is the RICHMOND ADULT SOCCER ASSOCIATION

2. The purpose of the Association is to develop, promote, extend and foster the game of soccer in the Province of British Columbia and to safeguard the interest of clubs comprising the Association.



1.The Association shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Canadian Soccer Association and the British Columbia Soccer Association.

2. Membership in the Association shall be open to all clubs playing the game of soccer, according to the laws of the game, and having a sound organization to ensure the fulfillment of commitments demanded by membership of the Association. Any club can make an application to become a member of the Association by filing a declaration to respect the conditions of admission, which may be enacted by the resolution of the board of directors (the whole, subject to the conditions of the by-laws relating to expulsion or suspension of members).

3. The Association may accept entries up to the closing date set by the Executive following which the clubs will be divided into Divisions as per Article 5.2 or at the discretion of the Association Executive.

4. Upon a team ceasing to function, the franchise may not be bought, sold or traded for cash or kind by any person, team, club, or Association.


1.(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at the termination of the Association Schedule each year but not later than the 2nd week of August, (if possible) at a time and place within the Richmond area to be determined by the executive.

   (b) Twenty-eight (28) days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given each club in membership. Notice shall be given by sending by email or ordinary mail to club contacts.

2. Additional or extraordinary general meetings may be held at the discretion of the President, all clubs having been duly notified at least seven (7) days in advance.

3. A quorum shall be a simple majority of the Association membership.

4. Roberts' Rules of Order shall be used as the standard reference for all procedural purposes by this Association.

5. Voting:
(a)-Each club in good standing shall be entitled to two (2) accredited delegates but only one (1) vote. Teams who have obtained 30 or more penalty points or have not paid all funds and fines levied from the past playing season, are not to be considered in good standing.

(b) Voting shall be by a show of hands except by the specific request of one of the members and with the approval of the President. Voting by proxy is not permitted.

(c) In case of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

(d) On a matter concerning only one division and where no other division is affected, only the members of that division may vote.

(e) Teams that are not registered as of date/time set by RASA Executive are not considered to be in Good Standing.

6. The Association Executive shall have a voice but not vote at all meetings.

7. The order of business at all Association Meetings shall be:
(a) Roll Call
(b) Minutes
(c) Executive Report
(d) Reports
(e) Correspondence
(f) Unfinished Business
(g) Considerations of Amendments to the Constitution
(h) Elections
(i) New Business
(j) Adjournment

8. Clubs must attend all Association meetings. Failure to attend will result in a fifty ($50.00) dollar fine against the offending club.

9. Persons nominated for election to the Board of Directors, if not present at the meeting, must signify in writing prior to their nomination, their willingness to stand for election if nominated.


1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a board consisting of no fewer than four (4) directors. The Executive of the Association shall consist of the following officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Referee-in-Chief, Discipline Chair, Stats, Media, Field Scheduler and Registrar.

2. Each year all Executive officers will be elected for a one year term. Balance of the term of vacancies will be voted in for the time expiring.

3. The Executive shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

4. A club executive may be eligible to hold office, as a member of the Association Executive.

5. A member of the Executive may be removed from office on a motion supported by two-thirds of the Association membership in good standing.

6. Any member of the Executive absenting himself without cause from three consecutive meetings or willfully neglecting his duties on the board shall be deemed to have forfeited his office as a director of the Association.

7. Any elected vacancies which may occur on the Association Executive by reason of resignation or other, shall remain vacant until the next additional or extraordinary meeting.

8.  Each member of the Association Executive is entitle to remuneration of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500), payable at the end of the one-year term.

9. Board is to be compensated based on availability of funds. Honorariums will be allocated based on individual performance.


1. The President shall preside at all Association meetings and Executive meetings, see that the provisions of the Constitution are upheld, instruct the Secretary to summon such meetings as may be necessary and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.

2. The Secretary shall exercise all the duties and powers of the President in the event of his absence.

3. The Executive shall assist the President in the general operation of the Association.

4. Duties of Appointed Officers
(a) The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings of the Association to persons entitled thereto. He shall attend all Association meetings and shall keep minutes of all such meetings. He shall be the custodian of all Association Minute Books and correspondence files.

(b) The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Association and shall deposit all monies and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the Association in such chartered Bank as may be designated by the Association Executive. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual financial statement which shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting.

(c) The Stats/Media executive shall be responsible for media releases and the general publicity of the Association or as directed by the Board and keep an accurate record of the team standings.

(d) The Field Scheduler shall arrange for and schedule the playing of all Association matches.

5. if it is considered desirable; any two positions on the Executive may be held by the same person, so long as additional Directors are elected to ensure Executive complement is maintained at no fewer than four (4) but not exceeding nine (9).

6. The Executive shall meet at the call of the President, all members having been duly notified. At Executive meetings a majority shall constitute a quorum.

7. Any officer in an appointed position may attend Association meetings and Executive meetings, but shall not have a vote.


1.The Association Executive must consist of a minimum of six (6) members.  The Association Executive will consist of 2 groups - Association Directors & Divisional Reps.

2. The Executive shall decide the size and membership of each division in accordance with Article 9 or as they see fit.

3. By resolution, the executive board, shall have the power to suspend or expel any active member of club who will neglect to pay their fees at due date, or will not respect the by-laws and general rules of the Association. The decision of the board of directors shall be final, subject to the rights of appeal, and the executive board are authorized to adopt and follow in that matter, the procedure that it will from time to time determine.

4. The Executive shall set and recommend to the Association for payment, honorarium commensurate with the services rendered and according to the Association's ability to pay.

5. Approved traveling expenses incurred by the Executive or Association delegates shall be paid by the Association.

6. The Executive may, from time to time, institute temporary rules and regulations covering specific cases not covered in this Constitution. However, a review and decision must be made at the next Annual General Meeting on the future use of these temporary rules and regulations.

7.  The Executive may, in order to carry out the purposes of the Association, on behalf of and in the name of the Association, raise or secure the payment or repayment of money in the manner they decide, and, in particular but without limiting that power, by the issue of debentures.

(a)  A debenture cannot be issued without the authorization of a special resolution.

(b)  The members may, by special resolution, restrict the borrowing powers of the directors, but a restriction imposed expires at the next annual general meeting.


1. The annual membership fee shall be established by resolution of the board of directors, subject to approval of the Membership at the Annual General Meeting in the present year, and shall be payable at a date fixed by the board of directors.  


1. The Association Executive shall be the Scheduling Committee.

2. The Association Executive shall appoint all game officials whose decision(s) shall be final.

3. If a match is called off or abandoned prior to the 75th minute, the game may be replayed at a later date. If the match has reached the 75th minute and has been called off or abandoned, the result will stand. The Association Executive shall retain the discretionary powers to decide whether unfinished games are to be replayed, how points will be allocated, the result declared official or the game forfeited by one of the teams.

4. In accordance with Article Five, Subsection 6, the Association Executive may institute temporary rules to deal with interrupted schedules, determining which games must be played, (if any), where, under what conditions and how points are to be awarded.

5. Any club responsible for defaulting a game will be charged a $250 fine to cover costs incurred by the Association. The team defaulting the game shall forfeit three points, the opposing team shall be awarded three points and a 1-0 win.

6. Teams having defaulted two (2) games in a season without legitimate reason may be expelled from the Association immediately.

7. Any club wishing a postponement of a game must apply to the Association Executive not less than fourteen (14) days before the scheduled date of said game.

8. The standings of clubs resigning or removed from the Association before completion of the schedule may be expunged from the records. The executive to make the final decision.

9. Points shall be awarded on the basis of three points for a win and one point for a draw.

10. In the event of inclement weather, clubs must attend the grounds and await the decision of the referee as to the condition of the playing pitch, unless they have been advised previously by the Scheduling Secretary to the contrary.

11. In the event of two (2) or more teams being tied in points at the completion of the regular season and promotion and relegation are not of concern, ties will be broken in the following manner:
       a. most wins over all in regular season play
       b. head-to-head series winner
       c. goal differential in games between tied teams


1. At the completion of the schedule, the club with the most points in each division; arrived at on the basis of three points for a win and one point for a draw, shall be declared the Division Champion.

2. In the event of two or more clubs having the same number of points, arrived at as in subsection 1, the Division Championship shall be awarded as the result of a sudden death playoff with overtime periods and if the teams are still tied a penalty kick series will be used to decide the winner.


1. Each year the Association shall promote and/or relegate the appropriate number of teams to balance the divisions.

2. In the event of two or more clubs having the same number of points at the end of the schedule and if it affects the promotion or relegation of clubs, a sudden death playoff shall take place with overtime periods and if the teams are still tied a penalty kick series will be used to decide a winner.

3. Vacancies in any Division are to be filled as follows:
(a) Preference will be given to the club in the next lower division that finished on the basis of their previous year's standing in third place.
                2nd choice to teams finishing 4th
                3rd choice to team finishing 5th
                4th choice to team finishing 6th
                5th choice to team finishing 7th
                6th choice to team finishing 8th
                7th choice to team slated for relegation

(b) New teams will be put into the lowest division. However, the Board may decide to waive this clause if it deems that the new team will bring competitive balance to a higher division

4. In all Divisions (Division 1 excepted) it is mandatory for clubs slated for promotion to the next higher Division to comply with this. Failure to comply may result in the removal of the offending club from the Association.

5. The Association Executive reserves the right to deny or force the promotion or relegation of any team in order to either:
          a) Preserve competitive balance in that division.
          b) Ensure there are enough teams to compete in that division.
This policy supersedes those outlined in 9.1 and 9.2.


1. All protests must be in writing and must contain the particulars of the grounds on which they are founded.

2.(a) All protests excepting those involving player eligibility must be filed with the Association President within forty-eight (48) hours of the conclusion of the game.  Protests involving the eligibility of players may be submitted at any time during the playing season.

   (b) All protests of the Discipline Chair's decisions must be filed with the Association President, within 48 hours of being informed of action(s)

3. The amount of one hundred fifty ($150.00) dollars must be paid within the 48hr filing window in order fro the protest to be heard.  The fee will be returned to the filing team if the protest is sustained.  If the protest is not sustained, this amount will be forfeited.  Protests related to suspensions <3 games in length will be conducted virtually. All other protests will be heard at a hearing before the Discipline Committee.

4. One copy of the protest shall be sent by the Association Secretary to the club against who the protest was lodged.

5.(a) Any club found guilty of playing an ineligible player in a game shall forfeit the game point or points to the opposing club.

    (b) In the event a losing club is proven to have played an ineligible player the Association Executive shall determine the penalty for such infringement.

    (c) In the event a club is found guilty of having played an ineligible player, the Association Executive will review all information at its disposal including team lists, disciplinary records, scoring summaries, press clippings and the like to establish if the offending team has in fact committed similar offences throughout the season in order to readjust the team standings as provided under Article 10 (5) A.

    (d) If a suspended manager participates in a match in violation of their suspension, the executive board shall determine the appropriate punishment.  (Punishment could include fine, increase to length of suspension and/or defaulting the result of the match)

6. In dealing with a protest, the Association Executive may take into consideration the possession by the protesting club of prior knowledge which, if properly used, might have obviated the protest.


The rules and regulations set forth in this Article and its Subsections are to be administered and enforced by the Association Executive and infractions against same may result in such disciplinary action as may be considered necessary.

1. Every club is responsible to the Association for the action of its players, officials and fans and is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent any from assaulting or threatening other players or officials before, during, and after games.

2. No club may permit any player from another team to play in any exhibition or benefit game during the regular playing season without first obtaining in writing the permission of the Association and the club the player is currently registered with.

3.(a) Any club wishing to stage a benefit, charity, exhibition game or tournament must first obtain permission from the Association Executive.

(b) Any club wishing to participate in an approved tournament must first obtain permission from the Association Executive. Failure to obtain permission may result in the immediate suspension of the offending club.

4.(a) Any club or member thereof guilty of inducing or attempting to induce a registered player of another club in this Association to leave his club without first giving seven (7) days notice in writing to the club for which the player is registered, shall be deemed guilty of misconduct and dealt with as provided for in Article Five, subsection 3.

(b) At the conclusion of all regular season and cup play, all players are considered to be released.

5. All decisions and reports of the Association Executive, or any business transacted at any meeting may be published at the discretion of the Association Executive whether such publication shall or shall not reflect on the character or conduct of any club, player or spectator, and, and in the event of such publications, every club, player, or spectator concerned or referred to therein shall be deemed to have assented to such publication.

6. Each club must, at least two weeks before the commencement of the season and only on the form provided by the Association, submit a complete list of its officers together with their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses to the Association Executive.

7. Any club wishing to change its name must apply to the Association for permission to do so.

8.(a) Member clubs must register their club colours two weeks prior to the opening of the season.  Failure to register both primary and alternate colours of team strips two weeks prior to the start of the season will result in a $100 fine for each game that the team fails to provide the League with both team colours.”.

(b) Permission must be obtained from the Association to change club colours at any time during the playing season.

9. When club colours conflict, the home club must change.

10. Each club is responsible for ensuring that the players are properly dressed and equipped as per FIFA’s Laws of the Game, and is expected to do everything possible to make the game as attractive as possible for the spectators. Each club is required to be dressed in matching shirts or jerseys, all individually numbered. This is a mandatory requirement for both the primary and alternate tops.  All teams shall be required to have primary and alternate top.

11.(a) Team lists as provided by the Association shall be properly filled out in duplicate, the names and numbers being printed, and state the full name of all players including substitutes that the club intends to use in the games. The team lists must be signed by a club official. Before each game the team list is to be given to the referee with proper numbers to match the player's jerseys or shorts. Players not on the list are ineligible to play in the game.

(b) The original copy of the team list shall be handed to the referee 10 minutes prior to commencement of the game.

(c) A copy to be exchanged by competing clubs 10 minutes prior to commencement of the game.

12. Referees and Linesmen are to be paid before the commencement of the game and it is the responsibility of both teams to pay equal shares of the fees.

13. For all games both teams must make available the official game ball supplied by the association.

14. Each club must provide the following: (a) Two regulation size corner flags properly and securely placed and appropriate for the type of field  (ie. No cones holding the flag up).  (b) One goal net in satisfactory condition and properly hung.

15. Each club shall be responsible for its own traveling arrangements. This includes fares, berths, hotel accommodation, buses and meals.

16. The Club Manager will instruct his players on matters of eligibility and will signify upon registration that the player is not registered in two Associations, high school and university excepted, whose playing seasons are similar to that of the Richmond Adult Soccer Association.

17. Team fines:
-Improper or no corner flags 25$. Necessary on all fields turf or grass
-Improper or no goal nets 25$
-Poor condition or no game ball 25$
-Incomplete or no team lists 25$
-Incomplete uniforms, different colours, no numbers etc. 25$
        -Garbage left at field 25$ first time / 50$ for each additional offence.
        -Alcohol and/or drug use at fields 100$
        -Public Urination 100$


1. All players to be eligible to take part in Association games must be registered on a form provided by the Association, with the Association Registrar.

2.(a) Players shall be eligible to take part in any Association game the day following the date of registration with the Association.

(b) Players shall be eligible for cup play if they are registered to the specific team playing, a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to cup match, that specific team is participating in.

3. Any player selected to play in a representative game or match arranged by the Association, and without good and sufficient cause refusing to comply with the arrangements of this Association for playing such a game, or failing to play in such a match, may be adjudged by the Association to have been guilty of misconduct. Any club official found to have encouraged or instructed a player to commit a breach of instruction or rule shall be deemed guilty of committing a similar offence.

4. No lump sum, bonus or inducement to transfer shall be offered to any player with the exception of it being a bona fide job.

5. Players, upon registration, will signify that they are not playing in any other BCSA-affiliated Association whose registered season is the same as that of the Richmond Adult Soccer Association; otherwise known as the Coastal Winter Season.

6.a) All players are required to produce a valid RASA Player ID card prior to participating in any game. Players who fail to produce such identification will be deemed an ineligible player.

b) Teams found guilty of playing an ineligible player will be subject to the following:
First offence: Responsible for all match fees, fifty dollar (50.00) fine and a one-hundred dollar (100.00) increase to their performance bond.

Second offence:  Responsible for all match fees, one-hundred (100.00) dollar fine, two-hundred dollar (200.00) increase to performance bond.

Third offence: Expulsion from the Association and performance bond forfeited.

c) The non-offending team will be awarded a 3-0 win in the event that the game was played with and ineligible player and that the non-offending team lost. If the non-offending team won, the final score will stand but all statistical info for the offending team will not be recognized.

d) Should the manager or coach insist on fielding a player without a valid identification card, the referee must inform the opposing manager or coach and report the infraction to the RASA within 24 hours.

7. When transferring to another team:

a)  If the transfer is within RASA, an email must be sent to the Registrar requesting the transfer and the Player Transfer fee must be paid prior to the transfer taking place.

b)  If the transfer involves a team outside of RASA (registration or release), a completed BC Soccer Player Transfer form must be completed and approved along with associated fees paid.


1. Unlimited subs but with a maximum of 20 players on the pre-game list, although more than 20 players can be registered on one team.
2. A reserve or substitute player can only go on the field of play when the ball is out of play, and must first report to the referee.

3. A player cannot be substituted for a player sent off the field by the referee.


1. (a) A player is entitled to his transfer as hereinafter provided, between the dates set by the Association but a player registered on the official registration form shall not be allowed to transfer his services during the current season of such registration without the consent of the club with which he is registered. A player being refused his transfer by his club shall be allowed to appeal in writing without fee to the Association, with a copy of such appeal being sent to the Association Secretary.

1. (b) The last day of transfer shall be January 15.

2. A player, who has signed the official registration form and has been registered with the Association by the club desiring his services for the current season, shall not be allowed to transfer his services to any other club unless he shall first have given his club seven (7) days notice in writing of his intention to transfer and then only on being granted permission to transfer by any two of the responsible officials of the club for which he is already registered. Such permission shall be in writing and when placed on the hands of the Association Secretary shall entitle the player to be transferred to any affiliated club as hereby provided.

3. A player shall be entitled to two (2) transfers before the deadline established by the Association.

4. A player must be transferred fourteen (14) days before being eligible to play in any cup competition.

5. A transferred player shall be eligible the day following the registration of such transfer to play in all Association games for the club to which the transfer has been granted.

6. All transfers shall be subject to the charge of fifteen ($15.00) dollars, due and payable to the Association before the transfer can be completed.

7. The maximum number of players transferred from one specified team to a second specified team shall be limited to five players in any one year.


1. General & Administrative
  (a) Rules must apply to all divisions
  (b) Promotion and relegation rules of the League apply.
  (c) Affiliated teams must be easily identifiable (ID Cards, website)
2.  Affiliation
  (a) Teams wishing to affiliate with a Club must declare their affiliation
  (b) Teams must submit their affiliation to the League within 7 days of the League AGM annually
  (c) Teams must remain affiliated for the entire season
  (d) Teams can affiliate with one team per division within their affiliated club and all teams involved must have the same club affiliation.
  (e) Teams that are affiliated will form a Club.
  (f) Clubs can only be affiliated with teams in another division.
  (g) Teams cannot affiliate with teams from other Leagues
  (h) Players on affiliated teams must be easily identifiable as affiliated players (ID cards)
3.  Player Movement
  (a) Affiliated teams can move players up and down between divisions
  (b) Players playing up can play up as many divisions are they would like
  (c) Players playing down can only play down one division from the team they are registered on
  (d) The maximum # of players an affiliated team can move up per game: 4
  (e) The maximum # of players an affiliated team can move down per game: 2
  (f) Players registered to Masters Division teams may play in any open division they choose, so long as their team is affiliated with an Open Division team through ICP
  (g) The maximum # of Masters-division registered players that can play on an affiliated Open division team per game: Unlimited
  (h) The maximum # of Open-division registered players that can play on an affiliated Masters division team per game who are 35 years or older: Unlimited
4. Games
  (a) Affiliated players are allowed to play in all eligible League games for their Club each week
  (b) Goals will be recorded for players for the team they were playing on when the goal was scored
  (c) Team Lists must identify players being permitted for that game. Denoted by  Permit  beside the player s name on game team list.
  (d) Permit players are not allowed to play in tie-breaker games
  (e) Open-division registered players can only play on the team they registered on for Cup games.  Once the player has played in a cup game, they are tied to that team for the cup.  (ie.  If the player transfers teams, they can not play in the cup for the new team, if they played for the old team in the same cup.)
  (f) Players may play on only the team registered for all cup games.  No ICP players allowed for cup games.  Players are tied to the team (for cup play purposes) once they play a cup game for that team, (ie a player transferred to a team still playing in the league cup, but previously played for a different team is not eligible to play on the transferred team for cup games.)
5. Discipline
  (a) Cards will be recorded against the player regardless of the team the player was on when the card was issued.
  (b) Points are accumulated against the team the card was issued to.
  (c) Suspensions are served with the team the player is registered on.
  (d) A suspended player will be ineligible to play on an affiliated team during a suspension.
6.  Financial
  (a) Costs associated to the Permit system will be covered by affiliated teams
7.  Penalties
  (a) Violation will be treated in the same regard as playing an illegal player;
  (b) The team that played the player is penalized.


1. Amendments to this Constitution may be made by special resolution at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for this purpose providing a two-thirds majority of the total Association Membership is in attendance. Passage of said amendments would then require 75% majority of the votes cast.

2. The proposed amendment(s) shall be submitted to the Association Secretary in writing twenty-one (21) days prior to such a meeting. A copy of the proposed amendment(s) shall be sent to the clubs fourteen (14) days before such a meeting.
3. Only club members or the Board of Directors of the Association shall be permitted to propose amendments to the constitution.


1. Yellow Cards
(a) 3 yellow cards - minimum one game suspension and $25 fine
(b) 5 yellow cards - minimum two game suspension and $40 fine
(c) 6 yellow cards - minimum three game suspension and $50 fine
(d) 7 yellow cards - minimum four game suspension and fine determined by discipline committee.
(e) Yellow cards accumulated in any Cup play will be tracked separately from regular season play for suspension purposes. Fins will still apply with regular season and Cup Play combined. All yellow cards for all Cup play will be accumulated together for that season.
(f) When a player is one yellow card away from being suspended for caution accumulation during the regular season, if a player appears in four (4) consecutive regular season games without receiving a yellow card or disciplinary sanction, the player will have one yellow card expunged. A player may take advantage of the "Good Behaviour" incentive only once throughout the season.
(g) Players can only accumulate 'good behaviour' games on the team with which they are registered. An ICP player's 'good behaviour' accrual will reset if the player is given a yellow card regardless of whether the caution was accumulated on the player's registered team or affiliated team.

Red Cards
2. (a) 1 red card - minimum one game suspension. Fines as follows:
1 game suspension = 25$
2 game suspension = 40$
3 game suspension = 50$
Any suspension 4 or more games = As determined by discipline committee
(b) 2 red cards - minimum four game suspension and fine (as determined by discipline committee) in addition to current red card
(c) 3 red cards - minimum eight game suspension and fine (as determined by discipline committee) in addition to current red card
(d) The manager of a player who receives a Red Card in a game may submit a report to the Discipline Chair for consideration before a decision regarding suspension is made. The manager of the opposing team may also submit their version of events, if they wish. The report must be submitted within 24hrs of the end of the game. Submissions after this time will not be considered. Submissions from anyone other than the manager will not be considered.

2.1(a)-Players will be suspended for the remainder of the season if they receive: a) over 8 points with the primary team they are registered on; or b) over 10 points combined on the primary team that they're registered on as well as on the ICP team(s) that they're affiliated to.   Cautions that are expunged for "Good Behaviour" still count towards total penalty points.

3. Suspensions not completely served in one season automatically carry over to the following season.

4. The Association's Disciplinary Committee Chairman may add any number of games to a suspension that is deemed appropriate when:
(a) the severity of the incident(s) warrants further suspension
(b) the past history of suspensions to a player warrants further suspension
5. The unanimous decision of the Association Executive may suspend a player for any length of time.

6.(a) Any team that receives over 35 penalty points during a season will pay an automatic fine of $100.00. Points shall be accumulated at the rate of 1 point for each yellow card and 3 points for each red card received during the course of Association, Challenge Cup and Association Cup Games.
(b) Over 40 penalty points, an additional 50$ and must re-apply for admission to the Association for the next season.
(c) Over 45 penalty points, an additional 50$.
(d) Any team who is fined for penalty points in a second consecutive year will have all fines assessed will be doubled the amounts mentioned in 6 a,b, and c.
(e) Any team who is fined for penalty points in a third consecutive year will have all fines tripled.

7. Any team that is fined must pay the fine within 72 hours of notification or games will be forfeited until such time as fine(s) is paid.


1. Berths to the BC Soccer Open Provincial "B" Cup tournament are awarded to the Don Taylor League Cup Champions. The First Division champions will receive any benefit afforded to RASA from BC Soccer (Ex. 1st Round bye) before any other RASA team. The remaining berths will be awarded to First Division teams based on regular season division standings.

2.  The first berth to the BC Soccer Masters Provincial "B" Cup tournament is awarded to the Masters Divsion Champions.  The second berth is awarded to the Masters Cup Champions.  Any remaining berths will be awarded to Masters Divsioin teams based on regular season dvision standings.  Should same team win both, next highest team in division standings will be awarded 2nd berth.

3. In the event of a conflict whereas one team has won 2 berths or is unable to attend the competition, the Association Executive retains the power to allocate the berth to another team at their discretion.

4. Should a Masters Division team win the League Cup, that team will be awarded a Masters Provincial Cup berth.  The Provincial Cup berth allocated to the Open Division League Cup winner will be allocated to the last open division team remaining in the League Cup tournament.


1. The Association shall have a fiscal year that runs from July to June and shall submit a copy of its financial statements for the current fiscal period to the BC Soccer Association within 30 days of the AGM in accordance with the BC Soccer Association bylaws.

2. The books and records of the Association shall be open to inspection by accredited team delegates (outlined in 2.5(a)) of each team in good standing and the BC Soccer Association on demand.

3. The Treasurer shall forward to each club in membership a copy of an interim financial report at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.

4. No money shall be withdrawn from the bank without the signature of any two of the following - the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

5. At the discretion of the Executive, the Association will invoke discounts and/or penalties on League Fees for early-bird and/or late Team Registrations.  Amounts and dates are to be determined without prejudice each year.  This does not apply to individual player registrations or any other fees.


1. All teams are required to post a performance bond annually.

2. New teams to the Association will post a Six Hundred ($600.00) Dollar performance bond.

3. Existing teams will have their performance bond set based on their performance from the previous season. The formula to set the performance bond is the total fines from the team from the previous season (rounded up to the nearest $50)

4. The minimum performance bond held for a team is $500

5. The performance bonds will be adjusted prior to the commencement of the next season, or as the Association Executive deems fit.


1. The maximum # of players between 30-34 years old that can play in a Master division game is 4.  The maximum number of players age 30-34 that can be registered is unlimited.

The Richmond Adult Soccer Association is a Full Member of BC Soccer and offers recreational and competive soccer programs for adult players of all ages. We run 2 seasons - Winter League & Spring League. 

Our Winter League season runs from September to March each year.  We offer Open Division (any age) play and a Master Divsion (35+).  The Open Divisions typically play on Friday nights and/or Sunday mornings/afternoons.  Teams in the Winter League will play for a berth to the BC Soccer Provincial Cup tournament each year.  

Team Registration for Winter League typically opens in July and closes in mid-August. 

Our Spring League runs from April to July.  We offer 3 divisions of open play from recreational to competitive.  Games are typically played on Tuesday, Thursday or Sundays. 

Team Registration for Spring League typically opens in late March and closes in early April. 

Grads 10 7 1 2 23
EPFC Lions 10 7 2 1 22
Westcoast fc 11 5 3 3 18
VanSal FC 11 5 4 2 17
Unicorn FC A 11 5 5 1 16
Heatherbrae FC 10 9 1 0 27
Richlads FC 11 8 1 2 26
United 10 8 2 0 24
Lerazo FC 11 6 1 3 21
AC Phantoms 10 5 5 0 15
Richmond Old Blac 10 8 0 2 26
Heatherbrae Maste 10 7 1 2 23
Athletics 11 7 3 1 22
Rain City Gunners 10 6 2 2 20
Vision FC 11 3 6 2 11